Booklist Management for newsagents.


Tower Systems is proud to offer small business newsagents a cloud based facility for managing booklist customers and sales. Save time, reduce mistakes and improve customer service with this facility designed here in Australia just for you. Accessed via a subscription model, Booklist costs $795.00 (inc. GST) for a year of access with the year ending April 30 each year.


  • Booklist is used by newsagents to create booklists for classes in local schools.
  • A web link to the booklist to a class can be shared with parents of students in the class.
  • Parents can use the link to create an account, make any adjustments they want to the booklist, place the order and pay for the order.
  • Booklist aggregates orders for each class for the business, making group ordering easy. It also produces an invoice, picking list and other information for management of the booklist.
  • Newsagents establish their own business landing page that is the public facing of the business for school books business. This includes business details and a photo. The landing page can be promoted as a public presentation of the business online.
  • Booklist is a perfect way for newsagents to more efficiently manage school booklist business and through this to compete with large and overseas competitors.

Available Agencies


    You can access Booklist for a yearly price. Payment is managed online. Please click on their below.

    12 Months
    please note: This is To Be Paid in advance.